Health from the cooking pot - Ayurveda for everyone

It is time –
you want to look more after yourself and get a new view of healthy nutrition?

With my support you will get a deeper look in to the Ayurveda health concept and it will be easier to get an active start. I will support you carefully and step by step wo that you will replace an old habit with a new healthy preference. Life habits develop with experience, so start with the basics, the cooking!

There are numerous factors,

which influence our health, but only few of them accompany us as continuously as nutrition.

Healthy food

is the only thing that leads to a normal development of our body and excellent health. Unhealthy food on the contrary is responsible for illness.

Health means

that the bodily functions (metabolism, digestion, tissue and excrements) are balanced and connected with a stable spiritual-mental condition. Illness is a dysfunction of this balance.

Those who don't have time

for their health today, have to spend a lot of time later for their illnesses!

My philosophy

Prevention and healing of disorders with simple means from Ayurveda: This lecture is all about simple concepts for healing with plants, which are being used as food and spices in the ayurvedic kitchen.

The joy of eating is the supreme commandment of the ayurvedic recommendation for nutrition.

When nutrition is being harmonised with the individual dosha constitution of a person, the six flavours are bestowing a special role. Especially herbs and spices are adopting an important place. Their phytochemicals are not only enriching the multitude of flavours, they are also an important protective factor against the incidence of diseases. Furthermore the phytochemicals appear to be stimulating the etheric level of the human organism. The vitality of food is being expressed through the vital substances of plants.

This big knowledge of the healing power and its ability to harmonise food is my approach to popularise this world with all senses and practical doing for people who are interested through spice seminars and herb excursions.

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